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Our clients all have one thing in common: they have great products, services and stories, but their brand reflects none of it.

So instead of growing their businesses as they rightfully deserve, they are missing out on sales opportunities every day. Our job is to package what makes you unique and valuable to your customers through powerful brand storytelling.​

Our end-to-end service covers every aspect of brand storytelling. From copywriting, design, videos and visual storytelling to developing the channels needed to reach your audience. We are there all the way with you, building the assets that promote your brand and story.​

Why brand storytelling increases visibility

Why we love visual storytelling

It can increase your brand

visibility by up to 79%

49% of your customers will

likely take action

Up to 85% more customers

buy your products or services

Studies show an

increased revenue of

up to 40%

We offer our clients the latest in video marketing trends, which have proven to lead to a 94% increase in brand understanding of your target market. Our work leads to immediate, real, and authentic brand interaction between you and your customers.

How we make you special

People like to do business with people they know and trust

This is the spirit that guides our relationships with all our clients. It is also what we achieve while conveying our client’s brand and story.

Because every business has a great story to tell, we always dedicate the time that is required to get to know you and your business. This allows us to identify those aspects of your story, team, products and services, and a company that will resonate with your audience.

Customers increasingly seek to be part of a community. They need to identify with you to motivate them to buy. We make sure they understand your value to them while focusing on building that trust that is fundamental to growth and scaling.

JD of J. Donovan Smith Creative has a great vibe ….and the process has been awesome! …and I recommend, if you are thinking about someone who might help you utilize video to get your message across, it’s a fun process, and I recommend giving JD a call.

Brian Vaughn

Vaughn Financial

Member of


their story

Each video in our visual storytelling catalog demonstrates a completely unique style. Each project we undertake is moulded around the personality of the business, the story you want to tell about your business, and the overall vibe and experience we capture during filming.

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Good design


Whatever the concept discussed or chosen messaging framework, visual storytelling and brand marketing will still require great design. There is no escape from this. Our 360º service platform takes care of that too.

He jumped on the phone with me, asked a lot of questions to find out my needs...he went above and beyond putting a video together. I would highly recommend JD for any videography needs.

Stephanie Baker


Expanding globally

The best part of the work we do is our clients… PERIOD!

We love the collaboration, the conversations, and the excitement surrounding the entire creative process, bringing your story together and promoting your brand.

So imagine how excited we get when you want to take your brand international. Our expertise lies in our ability to package your offer in a manner that will allow you to credibly pitch to overseas markets.

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